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Online Vedic Astrology Foundation Course

Fee: ₹25,000/-  (Fee 21,186/- + GST 3,814/-)

Repeaters: ₹12,500/- (Fee 10,593/- + GST 1,907/-): Includes One Year Access to Course Videos. 
(Existing AFC, OVAFC, AVRC, MahaJyotish and Acharya Participants)

Date and Time: 19 – 31 Oct 2020. 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM IST Daily (Sundays Off). Enrollments are closed.

Venue: Online

Trainers: Dr. Khushdeep Bansal, the Best MahaVastu Experts and Intuitive Acharyas (MahaVastu Certified Trainers) across the Globe.

Learn Secrets of Vedic Astrology by interpreting your own Horoscope. Decode Cosmic Interlinks between Your Life Events and Planets in Zodiac Signs of Your Horoscope. Discover your Innate Planetary Treasures and Core Strengths responsible for all the Manifestations in Your Life. Learn the Secret to apply appropriate Vedic Astro-Remedies to overcome tough times.

Practicing KB’s Technique, You will be able to:

  • Start making and interpreting insightful Astro sentences with KB’s Keywords of Planets, Zodiac Signs and Life Contexts from Day One.
  • Interpret Life Events and Key Experiences on your Life Timeline by relating with your facts.
  • Create Harmony in Relationships by applying KB’s Theory of Nav Rasas in Vedic Astrology.
  • Find Planetary Causes of Health problems and Choose effective Vedic Astrology measures to support your Healing.
  • Find Money making Planet in your Horoscope and the right Vedic Astro-Remedies to enhance its effectiveness.
  • Recognise Your Astro based ideal Karma and essential Knowhow which gives you ever-growing Career.
  • Select Simple yet Most Effective Astro-Remedies for You (i.e. Gem Stones, Tattoos, Symbols, Fragrance, Ishta Devta (Guardian Angel), Affirmations, Mantra & Personal Accessories) for Self Empowerment.
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