MahaVastu Advice to Overcome Financial Instability in Business

What is financial instability? What are the common signs of financial instability?

Financial instability in business occurs when business costs and expenditure continue to rise and cannot be met with the incoming revenue into the business. It then becomes difficult to sustain the business in the long term as the business is unable to pay for services it needs to function.

Here are the most common problems leading to a financially unstable business:

  1. Significant drop in sales.
  2. Expenses being higher than the revenue from sales.
  3. Recent business decisions have been unsuccessful.
  4. Difficulty in finding new opportunities.
  5. Insufficient or slow business growth and productivity.

MahaVastu Perspective and Observations

During his research on Vastu for Business and Finance, Dr. Khushdeep Bansal discovered the following reasons why businesses may suffer from financial instability.

  1. Green paint in the South-South-West (SSW) MahaVastu Zone leads to more expenditure.
  2. A bedroom is in the East-South-East (ESE) Zone causes confusion in Business decision-making.
  3. An extended East-South-East (ESE) Zone causes inefficient decision-making by owner.
  4. A pantry with a stove (Fire Element) in the North Zone disturbs the flow of new business opportunities.
  5. Green plants in the South-West (SW) MahaVastu Zone hamper business growth.
  6. A wheat drum placed in the North Zone can lead to decline in sales.

MahaVastu Advice for Bringing Financial Stability in your Business

Dr. Khushdeep Bansal has found that a few changes to your environment can help your business run smoothly and prevent financial problems. Here are some of the MahaVastu changes you can make at home to improve finances and aid your business growth.

  1. Repaint the South-South-West walls at home in yellow Vastu colour to keep a check on wasteful expenditure.
  2. Relocate the bed in East-South-East to the East Zone to avoid confusion in business.
  3. Relocate the North Zone pantry to the North-West (NW) MahaVastu Zone to increase the inflow of new business opportunities.
  4. Remove plants from South-West and move them to the East-North-East (ENE) MahaVastu Zone to boost business growth.
  5. Place a Green Scene painting in the North Zone to ward off any ill effects on sales.
  6. Place a Kamdhenu cow and a pair of rabbits in the East-South-East (ESE) Zone to encourage smart business decisions.
  7. Place a Pair of Red Horses in the South Zone to boost brand value, increase business turnover and improve money flow.

Results Observed in Business Cases

Within 4-6 weeks after applying this MahaVastu Advice for business, the business owner experiences multiple positive changes in their business. Unnecessary expenditures are reduced while sales pick up and become more consistent, leading to a boost in profits. Since the business has achieved some recognition in the market, it is easier to find new customers.
As the business regains stability and operates independently, the owner is able to devote effective time to expansion and plan investments for business growth.


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