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Experienced Mahavastu Acharya visits your commercial property and checks the strength of 33 Devtas and 12 Asuras through intuition and Bhoomi Nadi. Due to the strength of the Devta, there is happiness and profit and due to the influence of the Asura force, there are sorrows and losses.

They examine how these are impacting the timely completion of the projects leasing, sales and orders, cash flow, banking support, departmental issues, litigation, safety-security, customer relations and prosperity. Audit is done for following factors influencing their strength:


Site & Sales Office, Sample Unit, Boring, Raw Material, Rain Water Harvesting, Sewage, Facilities and key activities etc.


Assessing the placement of Electricity pole, Ramp, Boring, Transformer, Generator, Camera and etc.


Wall Art and Murals, Indoor Plants and Greenery, Creative Signage and Displays,  Lighting Fixtures, Partitioning, Lounge etc.

Their negative effects are nullified by relocation or by implementing simple MahaVastu Remedies.

How will MahaVastu be implemented in your Commercial property?

  • MahaVastu certified surveyor will prepare a to-the-scale plan by measuring your commercial project and surrounding areas and mark position of all the above-mentioned activities, utility and interior decoration items in their survey.
  • Seven types of audit will be done on these surveyed maps by MahaVastu experts.
  • The experts discuss and confirm the goals and concerns of the commercial project and advices for commercial endeavour’s, guiding you toward a thriving and prosperous outcome.
  1. MahaVastu experts balance the five elements by treating the strength of earth/bhumi, road hit, entrance, toilet, sewage, direction force, etc.
  2. Relocation of Activity & Utility Objects using MahaVastu techniques.
  3. Relocation of Sales Office & Interior Decor Objects.
  4. Energy of Sales Office is harmonised/aligned with the cosmic energy based on the planets in your horoscope.
  5. Remedy is done on the basis of marma points for energy enhancement.
  6. Intuitive Assessment of Devta Energies & Harmonising and strengthen your Project and Karma Siddhi.

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