Work With Us

As an Advisor

Your journey as an Advisor with MahaVastu starts as an Analyst, where you will conduct audits of plans and horoscopes,and assist senior advisors. As your skills develop, you begin to suggest best remedies for the benefit of the clients. Going up the ladder, based on your working and leadership skills, you become a Principal Consultant .

As a Trainer

Working as a Trainer with MahaVastu is a great  learning experience. It helps you to develop better communication skills, gives you deeper understanding of the subjects, improves your ability to resolve the problems faced by the course participants. As their teacher, mentor and guide, you get immense respect from them. It also gives you a deep sense of fulfillment to impart this knowledge in a most systematic, logical and structured manner.

As a Certified Surveyor

Being a certified MahaVastu Surveyor, gives you an opportunity to survey varied types of sites like homes, apartments, factories, offices and also some huge projects like Builder Apartment Complexes and Townships . You are provided the best training to carry out surveys and prepare flawless plans for MahaVastu advisors, so that they can carry out their work in the shortest and most efficient manner.

As an Operational Teammate

As an Operational Team member you get an opportunity to work in different departments of MahaVastu like Product Development, Marketing, Business Development, Project management, Finance, Administration, HR, IT, Tech and so many others. Align your work with your innate skill sets and become proficient in teamwork, problem solving, time management, as you work both within your team and across different teams.

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