MahaVastu for Office
Sales, cash flow, and customer relationships and Prosperity
Steps of observation, Analysis and execution:
  • External Factors 
  • Setback activities 
  • Cut and Extended parts 
  • Activities in wrong directions
  • Decor objects in wrong
  • Anti Prakriti Factors of building
  • Divine and Demonic influencer
  • Astro MahaVastu check

They examine how they are affecting your karma, sales, cash flow, and customer relationships and prosperity. Audit is done for following factors influencing their strength:


Your seating, sales, marketing and accounts etc.


Safe, Computer, Server, Accounts File, Generator, Inverter, AC etc.


Flower vases, plants, paintings, sculptures, God idols, carpets etc.

Their negative effects are nullified by relocation or by implementing simple MahaVastu Remedies.

How will MahaVastu be implemented at your place of work?

  • MahaVastu certified surveyor will prepare a to-the-scale plan by measuring your workplace and mark the direction and location of all the above activities, useful items and interior decoration items in their survey.
  • Different types of audit will be done on these surveyed maps by MahaVastu experts.
  • The experts discuss and confirm the problems arising in the form of negative impact (such as blocked payments, litigation, wrong decisions, less orders, loan rejection, loss in investment, lack of opportunities, lack of growth, etc.) and take level wise measures. 
  1. Entrance, toilets, sewage, directional strength, road hit, etc. are treated and  the five elements are balanced by MahaVastu experts
  2. Relocation of the activities and utility or rectification using the MahaVastu techniques.
  3. Interior Decoration items are relocated or rectified with MahaVastu techniques.
  4. The energy of the workplace is aligned with the cosmic energy as per planets in your horoscope.
  5. Remedy is done on the basis of Marma points.
  6. Intuitive Devta diagnosis is done and remedies to enhance the Devtas is done to strengthen your Karma Siddhi. 

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