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Increase your Speed and Accuracy on Highway of Growth

Make your Home, Office, Factory and Commercial Projects powerhouse of success. Get advice from Vastu Shastri Khushdeep Bansal and his team of 
Intuitive Acharyas

Empower Home

Decide Simple Yet effective MahaVastu remedies concluded through 12 audits on Vastu Dosha. Live life with more Money, Health, better Relationships and improve Children’s study also.

Successful Office

Vastu Audit helps in identifying factors for low sales, customer footfall, recovery related issues and blockages in building team for execution. Then execution of effective MahaVastu remedies .

Sell Faster

Intuitive Devta diagnosis of why buyer is not willing to buy your land or building is done and remedies to strengthen the Devtas for timely sale of property are implemented.

Hyper Productive Factory

Studying Vastu Dosha causing factors and implementing effective MahaVastu solution for better production, quality, orders, cash flow, banking and removing departmental litigations.

Magnificent Projects

Effective remedies for timely completion of the projects leasing, sales and orders, cash flow, banking support, departmental issues, litigation, safety-security, customer relations and prosperity.

Vastu Dosha Report

Find whether there are any Vastu Dosha or not. Know about Vastu Dosha based on plans made by certified surveyors, horoscope and Prakriti along with 12 types of audits.

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