Why Learn Vastu Shastra?

Don’t do MahaVastu Courses impulsively!
First, understand your real goals for learning Vastu Shastra.

There are 3 types of Vastu learners who participate in MahaVastu Courses; Professionals, Hobbyists, and MahaVastu Remedy Seekers. Now, first recognise which Learner Type you are by understanding the MahaVastu Learning Goals of each. Then, carefully read our best suggestions for you to take the right decision.

One who wishes to start a Professional Practice in Vastu Shastra, or an existing Vastu Expert willing to upgrade their knowledge. Both aim to learn the MahaVastu Methodology and simple remedies to get the best results without making alterations in buildings.


Suggestion: Like a musician creates music by the persistent practice of 7 notes on an instrument, the best Vastu Expert must practice their observation skills with 16 directions to create harmony in a building. The key is to practice procedural working with patience. So, don’t do all the MahaVastu courses impulsively.

  • Do each MahaVastu Course one-by-one to get skilled in working with 16 directions and step-by-step procedures for balancing the 5 elements.
  • Observe and practice relating real experiences of the habitants with Activity, Utility and Decor Objects placed in the 16 directions. This creates a solid foundation for developing intuitive Vastu diagnosis abilities.
  • Practice learnings from each MahaVastu course well. Each course takes you through a deeper level of understanding for suggesting the most effective MahaVastu Solutions. This requires thorough practical working of earlier modules and helps you become the best Vastu Expert.

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A knowledge seeker with a curiosity to understand the fundamentals and logic of Vastu. They wish to apply the same knowledge for creating more clarity, happiness and positivity in their living and working environments.

Suggestion: Curiosity to know the mysteries of Vedic Wisdom adds a true zest to life. Blessed are those who are curious to know how Existence functions, to live with confidence, self-motivation, and positive thinking.

  • Watch MahaVastu videos on Youtube and get answers to most of your questions.
  • Read Books on Mahavastu to understand the fundamental workings of Modern Vastu Shastra, practically applicable in today’s lifestyle.
  • If you are still curious and wish to get hands-on experience with the MahaVastu methodology, you should opt for the MahaVastu Foundation Course only; and none other. Other MahaVastu courses are for starting a Professional Practice.

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Fed up with confusing information and Vastu tips available online; they seek the best Vastu Remedies for resolving their own problems. They join the MahaVastu Foundation Course to learn how to apply MahaVastu Remedies to get relief.


Suggestion: Don’t do MahaVastu courses just for solving your own problems, it doesn’t help at all. Do you learn surgery to perform an operation at home? It takes time to get skilled in deciding appropriate solutions for overcoming pains and problems. Trust the advice of the Intuitive MahaVastu Acharyas who regularly give free advice at their Yogdaan every week.

  • The best solution for you is to meet an Intuitive MahaVastu Acharya with a written note of your problems.
  • Allow them to advise you on the easiest, most practical and effective MahaVastu Solutions for you.
  • Follow the MahaVastu Acharya’s advice and visit again after 21 days of implementing MahaVastu Remedies to get the next phase of suggestions (if required).

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