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In a Balanced State
Space gives you the
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 – Khushdeep Bansal

About The Author

Dr. Khushdeep Bansal

Dr. Khushdeep Bansal, Born on 12th March, 1972 in Rama, a small town in Southern Punjab, pursued his engineering from MIET, Nagpur University.

In 1992, forsaking a brilliant career in the field of software engineering, he joined the Gurukul tradition near Nagpur to commence his advanced studies in Indian Sciences.

The renaissance of Vastu Shastra in its contemporary form is attributed to Dr. Bansal’s intensive research work for which Bundelkhand University conferred him with the Doctor of Science (D.Sc), Honorius Causa in 2001.

A passionate teacher, Dr. Bansal keeps conducting Vastu Skill development training programs on a regular basis and has successfully trained over 1500 individuals.

He is the author of the Earth’s biggest book on Vastu Shastra, along with eight other titles on the same subject.

Recognized as the foremost consultant, Dr. Bansal is an advisor in many state government projects for formulation and implementation of policies and programmes. He is a strategic consultant to leading business men and industrialists.

One of his biggest contributions to the nation was in 1997; when he identified construction of Library in Parliament House as the root cause for instability in the ruling government and corrected the same with his expertise. Millions around the globe follow him on various social media platforms where he is actively promoting cultural knowledge.

Currently living in Sainik Farms, New Delhi; Dr. Bansal’s life mission is to preach, preserve and curate Indological Sciences for our forthcoming generations.

Author Message

I congratulate you for having in your hands this compendium of knowledge and skill that is going to enlighten and fulfill your own life and also of those around you. The ‘MahaVastu Method’ is meant to bring the light of joy, success, growth and abundance in your life and that of your beloved ones.


For more than 10,000 years, knowledge of vastu has helped people to live a fulfilled life. Earlier, vastu was used by kings and yogis alike. Kings were always on a look out for the best place to set up their seat of power. They always searched for such places where nature and power of Ma (Mother earth) were in harmony to create a wholesome life for them and their people. Similarly, yogis searched for such places in forests and on high mountains where they could reach the deepest state in meditation—the vast source of inner power. Even today, this tradition continues.


You too can tap the powers of nature and get Ma’s blessings right now, in your own home through the knowledge of vastu. Knowledge of vastu is like family jewellery; it is passed on from one generation to the next. If even one person in a family learns and imbibes this knowledge, it will benefit the generations to come.


It is almost two decades since I have been working for people from all walks of life. I have tested, applied and gained results with the same knowledge that you are going to acquire and practise of your own.


Through the 10,000 case studies that our MahaVastu team completed, I could unravel many missing links and fill various gaps in the basic principles and remedial techniques of vastu, especially in the modern context when the parameters of life have entirely changed, visa-vis to those olden days when most of the granths (texts) on vastu were written.


By applying vastu with this new vision, the results started coming in with almost hundred percent success. It is in this backdrop of new revelations that the vastu practised by our team became known as MahaVastu (maha means greater or wider).


I am fully aware that it has been possible only because of the insight bestowed upon me by Mother Earth to serve the humanity at large; otherwise I would also have been, at the most, just another contemporary vastu practitioner.


By successfully completing the MahaVastu handbook, you become a member of a rapidly expanding global Vastu Family. The MahaVastu group is always there to support you wherever you feel stuck in life. Remember! Creating an excellent life for ourselves and for the people around us is our mission. Having this wonderful skill at your command you are duty bound to untiringly work for creating a blissful life for yourself and those around you.

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