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Online MahaVastu Foundation Course

Learn MahaVastu to Live with More Money, Love, Happiness and Health.

I wish to do OMFC, Notify me about upcoming Date and Time.

Online Course Fee (Non Refundable)

New: 25,016/- (21,200/- + 3,816/- (GST))  •  Repeaters: 12,508/- (10,600/- + 1,908/- (GST))
(Incl. 1 Year Online Access to Course Videos, Reference Reading Material and Assignments.)

Date & Time: Starting 8th Jan, 2022 (4 Weekends, Sat-Sun), 5:00 – 8:00 PM (IST).

Language: KB’s Online Course Videos are in Hindi. MahaVastu Certified Trainers support in Hindi and English.

You will be able to:

  • Select and apply appropriate MahaVastu Remedies for money, relationships, studies, career and holistic growth.
  • Utilize Digital Shakti Chakra and balance 5 element based Activities, Utilities and decor Objects (AUO) in 16 MahaVastu zones of your own home.
  • Advise simple yet effective MahaVastu Solutions to cure Vastu faults due to wrong placement of kitchen, toilet, bedroom and other essential home activities using 16 MahaVastu Techniques and attributes of 5 Elements.
  • Place important documents, safe, children’s study table, your working table and other important assets for the best results of your efforts. Maintain a positive environment at your home.

+Plus: You will learn:

  • How to do MahaVastu for Home?
  • How to do MahaVastu for Peace, Success, to get Job and also MahaVastu Remedies for delay in marriage?
  • How to do MahaVastu for Bedrooms, Kitchen, Toilet and Home Temple?
  • How to give quick MahaVastu Tips for Money, Relationship and Health?
  • To select Success giving directions based upon Disha Shool, MahaVastu Based Colors, Paintings and Vastu Symbols.


  • During the Online course, Intuitive MahaVastu Acharyas will be advising you MahaVastu Remedies for your home.
  • Acharya Trainers will also help you relate and correct the negative effects of Activities, Utilities and decor Objects (AUOs) in 16 Directions of Your Home

Important Notes:

  • Laptop or Smart Phone is Required to do this Online Course.
  • Participants under 21 Years of Age are not recommended to do the Course, and may be rejected.

I wish to do OMFC, Notify me about upcoming Date and Time.

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