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Degree: B.Tech, B.A., B.Sc., MBBS, B.Arch, BAMS, B.Com, BCA, M.Tech, M.Com, MCA, CA etc. Subject/s: Mechanical, Civil, Electronics, Ophthalmology, Commerce, Programming, Accounts, Architecture, Ayurveda etc.
Description and Duration e.g. 15 Years Experience of Job: 5 years as a Software developer + 7 years as solution architect + 3 years as technical head. Or 10 years Experience of Business in Medicines.
Why You? Think and clearly write answers to these four questions (on A4 size plain paper). 1. Why do you want to become a MahaVastu Trainer? 2. Why should YOU be considered to be launched as a MahaVastu Trainer? – How will your presence add value to MahaVastu? – How will your Qualifications, Skills and Experience improve participant experience for better learning? Think and clearly write answers to these questions (on A4 size plain paper). Upload your handwritten/typed sheet (1st in Hindi or English and 2nd in Local Language if applicable)
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Upload a video for self-introduction and answer 1. About Yourself, your education and experience. 2. What is MahaVastu? Duration of video should be 1 minute. (Record your video on white background/wall).
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