MahaVastu Tips for Rangoli

We get influenced by colors all around us. The fact that colors at our Home affect us indirectly has already been established in the ancient texts of Vastu Shastra. Color Psychology is even a proven model in modern science and regularly used for influencing Perspective, mind-set and even healing.

Today, we can use Colors to change our state of mind from delusion to wakefulness, and change fear into self-confidence. As per MahaVastu, we get affected by specific colors for specific reasons. The right colors can also compel you to get out of your comfort zone, or help you to stay calm and relaxed. This diwali, draw your Rangoli in the correct direction and with the related colors and shapes to attract lots of happiness, prosperity and achievements in your life. 


Some MahaVastu tips for drawing Rangoli this Diwali:

  1. When making a Rangoli in North part of home, make wavy shapes in blue, green and violet colors. Make this rangoli to attain more Clarity of Mind, open up new Opportunities and attract Growth in your life.
  2. When making a Rangoli in East part of home, make it in rectangular shape using green, blue and other peacock colors. Make your rangoli using this shape and color combination to improve your Networking and establish new Social Connections. 
  3. When making Rangoli in the South-East Zone of home, create beautiful triangles in crimson red, green and yellow colors. The vibrations emanated from this rangoli will enhance your sense of Security and give you the Confidence to move ahead in life. 
  4. When making Rangoli in the West part of home, make round shapes in Golden, cream and white colors. Make this Rangoli to attract more Gains and Profits in life.


This Diwali, attract more health, wealth and prosperity with the correct placement, designs and colors in your Rangoli.

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