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Dr. Khushdeep Bansal

  • Dr. Khushdeep Bansal, Born on 12th March, 1972 in Rama, a small town in Southern Punjab, pursued his engineering from MIET, Nagpur University.
  • In 1992, forsaking a brilliant career in the field of software engineering, he joined the Gurukul tradition near Nagpur to commence his advanced studies in Indian Sciences.
  • The renaissance of Vastu Shastra in its contemporary form is attributed to Dr. Bansal’s intensive research work for which Bundelkhand University conferred him with the Doctor of Science (D.Sc), Honorius Causa in 2001.
  • A passionate teacher, Dr. Bansal keeps conducting Vastu Skill development training programs on a regular basis and has successfully trained over 1500 individuals.
  • He is the author of the Earth’s biggest book on Vastu Shastra, along with eight other titles on the same subject.
  • Recognized as the foremost consultant, Dr. Bansal is an advisor in many state government projects and a strategic consultant to leading business men and industrialists.
  • One of his biggest contributions to the nation was in 1997; when he identified construction of Library in Parliament House as the root cause for instability in the ruling government and corrected the same with his expertise.
  • Millions around the globe follow him on various social media platforms.
  • Currently living in Sainik Farms, New Delhi; Dr. Bansal’s life mission is to preach, preserve and curate Indological Sciences for our forthcoming generations.

How to meet KB and get his expert Advice ?

Along with your local MahaVastu Advisor You can meet Dr Khushdeep Bansal to implement his expert advice. You must carry a list of your concerns or targets, a map of the concerned building, your horoscope and notes of observations made by your local MahaVastu advisor.

Fill the following details and an advisor from KB’s core team will be in touch with you to guide you further.

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