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Today, MahaVastu serves as a premium platform to start your successful professional practice as an advisor, through providing an opportunity to become a trainer and get recognition in your area.
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Take 3 steps forward and excel as MahaVastu Certified Trainer. These are to recognise your inner call, get 5 essential learnings and pass through the induction process.

When Inner Call becomes the driving force to Manifest your true being, only then you truly succeed. Otherwise it neither works, nor gives relief to the recipient of your services. Only Your Inner Call inspires you to become an excellent MahaVastu Trainer.

Reflect on the following indicators to realise the true Inner Call of your heart:

  • Do you feel a strong urge, Natural inclination and repetitive focus towards relating varied experiences with placement of Activities, Utilities, and Objects in a building?
  • Do you repeatedly notice correlations between Planetary movements and events happening with you or people around you?
  • Do you strongly feel that there is a Supreme Power which has designed existence with irrefutable, immovable and eternal laws, following which leads to excellent experiences on the journey called Life?
  • Do you get gut feels or experience strong hunches regarding certain happenings which later come true?
  • Do you regularly notice that magic, mystery, old secrets and some unexplainable experiences grab your attention and push you to study the related subjects?
If Yes, You can succeed as a successful MahaVastu Certified Trainer and Advisor. As God himself says in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita

“A strong inclination and curiosity in Vedic Mysteries comes from knowledge and practices done in earlier lives, and at the right time those instincts become the inner drive to pursue ahead where one leaves in past life.”

A knowledge seeker with a curiosity to understand the fundamentals and logic of Vastu. They wish to apply the same knowledge for creating more clarity, happiness and positivity in their living and working environments.

Level I. Learn MahaVastu Foundation

  • Learn about the 16 Zones and their fixed attributes, Theory of 5 Elements and develop the skill of elementally categorising Utilities and Objects.
  • Learn the Art of using Vedic Symbols as building programming solutions.
  • Develop your skills for utilising 16 MahaVastu Techniques for balancing the building environment while observing and practicing applications in different life domains like family relationships, children studies, clear thinking, peace of mind, etc.

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Level II. Learn Vedic Astrology Foundation

  • Learn Vedic Astrology by relating your reality with your own horoscope through Life Domains in 12 boxes, 12 Environment types, and Traits of 9 planets.
  • Understand Timelines and relate Astro causes with events in your life. Recognise appropriate actions and decide precautions to utilise planetary strengths for achieving Your excellence.
  • Understand selecting gemstones, colors and other accessories for protecting from negativity and maintaining harmony with the Cosmos

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Level III. Art of Astro-MahaVastu Management

  • Learn to Empower home and workplace by calibrating planetary powers of a horoscope with buildings utilising your MahaVastu and Vedic Jyotish skills.
  • Art of mapping planetary effects according to a horoscope in a building and relating renovation or change of interiors with movement of planets on Astro Timeline.
  • Develop skill in utilising Astro-MahaVastu Remedies for empowering the environment positively.

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Level IV. Learn MahaVastu Expert’s Essential tools for Professional practice

  • Understand Prakriti and decide what is very very good for your clients. Verify it with Astrology and then decide the appropriate directions based upon their Prakriti and Astro Strengths.
  • Decode Prakriti of the Building and tune it with Cosmic Harmony for removing despair and setting a growth trajectory for your clients.
  • Do Certified MahaVastu Professional practice and professionally suggest effective and powerful MahaVastu solutions.

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Level V. Learn Advanced MahaVastu and Become an Intuitive Acharya

  • Develop intuition. Suggest Advanced Intuitive Remedies with intuitive Diagnosis.

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An overview of the Five phases of induction process for becoming a Successful MahaVastu Certified Trainer and Advisor.

A. Give Intent: Your Details in Brief, Commitment, MV Skills and Personal Details.

B. Due Diligence: Verification, Family Consent and Social Ref. Check.

C. Induction Trainings: MFC, AFC, AMRC and ME Learning Support at groups Training (Art of Answering) , Internship Under Mentor (Art of Practical MahaVastu Working), MV Awareness Training (Art of Effective Presentation), Yogdaan Training (Art of Advisory), Leading a Course Training (Being a Confident and Charismatic Presenter), Final Approval by Mentor and Regional Team.

D. Launching You As a MahaVastu Trainer: Your Profiling, MV Trainer Email ID, Online/Offline Media collaterals and Positioning, Making You Visible at Your Course Locations, Launching You as a Certified MahaVastu Trainer.

E. Next Level Growth: Internship at MahaGurukul under KB, Yogdaan at MahaGurukul, Conducting Courses at Top Locations in India and abroad, Empanelment as a MahaVastu Advisor, Eligibility for Regional Management and MahaGurukul Management Roles.

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