Trishul of Shiva is believed to remove all kinds of mental distractions, fears, and negativity.

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• Trishul is carried by most of the Vedic deities to ward

off negativity and remove negativity in the psyche

of human beings mythically depicted as Asuras.

• North-East direction in traditional Vaastu shastra

is allocated to Ishaana, one of the eleven Rudras,

one of the forms of Lord Shiva. Trishul of Shiva is

believed to remove all kind of mental distractions,

fears and negativity.

• Trishul as a MahaVastu remedy is used to gain

absolute mental clarity about trigunas of prakriti

responsible for creation of worldly existence.

• Placing of this remedy in North-East ensures

balanced mental state to lead life without indulging

into distractions caused by imbalanced trigunas.


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