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Online MahaVastu Foundation Course Sep 2020


2 Day MahaVastu Foundation Course enables you to learn the 4-step MahaVastu methodology, techniques and authentic solutions to analyze your own and your loved ones’ homes. You can correct problematic Vastu Doshas in buildings to bring in more happiness, health, wealth and excellence. In the course, you will practice these skills on real case studies which enrich you with hands on experience and build your confidence to apply MahaVastu at your home.

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After 2 days of training, you will be able to:

  • Analyse any building plan according to the 16 MahaVastu Zones based on the MahaVastu 4-Step Method.
  • Analyze the effects of 32 Entrances, different Activities, Utilities and decor Objects (AUOs) in 16 directions in a building.
  • Look at a building plan and pin point key Vastu Doshas and problem areas for the inhabitants.
  • Advise simple yet effective solutions to Vastu Doshas using 16 MahaVastu techniques and 32 remedies.
  • Suggest the right places to keep important items like documents, safe, family photographs and statues of God at home or at office.
  • Achieve desired positive results in improving relationships, children’s education, career growth, and money flow at your home.
  • Manage room allocation of your loved ones for improving important aspects of their life like happiness, health, wealth and growth.

Out of stock

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