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MahaVastu Online Foundation Course FAQ

I want to learn Vastu. What should I do first?

Answer: Don’t do Vastu Courses impulsively. Recognize your Vastu Learning Goals first. You can start here: 

Then proceed to know more at:

I received our Gurusakha KB sir's voice recorded call to enroll for classes starting on 5th July. I haven’t received the link for the same. Where can I enroll?

Answer: Click to enroll for online MahaVastu Foundation Course by Dr. Khushdeep Bansal starting GuruPurnima, 5th July 2020.

I want to join online Mahavastu Foundation Course. Where can I find course details?

Answer: Click for Course details.

I’m interested in the online course but I am from USA, how will I get the Course Kit?

Answer: Course Kit cannot be dispatched out of India due to Global COVID issue. But don’t worry about learning MahaVastu. The online course is structured in a way that Mahavastu learning will not be hampered in absence of the Course Kit. The Course Kit serves as a good and quick handy reference having a Course Manual and an Easy Reference Card Deck. Both are not used during the course. 

You will however receive the kit once shipping services are functional. 

Please note, shipping of the kit across India is free but international shipping is chargeable as applicable.

Will KB sir conduct the course himself or will the Acharyas conduct the course through KB sir’s recorded videos?

Answer: KB sir will be conducting the whole course in Hindi as he always does. You will be attending live sessions conducted by him. Certified MahaVastu Trainers will be concluding and helping you revise key learnings by mentoring your practical sessions in your regional language.

How can I get my MV ID if I don’t remember it or don’t have the certificate?

Answer: Fill all the details on page:

Then click the “Forgot MV ID” checkbox to upload a photo with your Trainer. After matching your details, your MV ID will be sent to you on email. Further also send a photo of your photo ID to [email protected] for verification.

How can I make payment for the Online course?

Answer: We use the most secure online payment method – CCAvenue. Kindly click “Pay Now” button and check all available payment methods. You can visit this link to start enrolling

Do I have an option to pay by EMI?

Answer: Yes, you can choose EMI option from CCAvenue. 

Go to enrollment page: 

Click “Pay Now” button and scroll down to find the EMI option.

Can I pay fees in cash? What is the process?

Answer: Yes, you can go to a nearby ATM or Bank to deposit cash. 

Send a request mail for MahaVastu Account details to [email protected] or Telegram message at +91 92059 88131. Share your deposit receipt on the same thread. You will get your enrollment confirmation after verification of this transaction within 2 working days.

If I have already paid partially before lockdown and now want to pay the complete payment for the online Course, how can I proceed?

Answer: Kindly send the receipt of earlier deposit and deposit the pending fees. You will get enrollment confirmation. You can send these details by email to [email protected] or Telegram message at +91 92059 88131.

I had enrolled for VFC but it got cancelled due to lockdown, will my fees get adjusted in the online course?

Answer: Yes, it will be adjusted. Kindly send the receipt of earlier deposit by email to [email protected] or Telegram message at +91 92059 88131. You will get your enrollment confirmation after verification within 2 working days.

Which language will the online course be conducted in?

Dr. Bansal mostly speaks in everyday conversational Hindi. To experience his lectures, you can visit MahaVastu Channel on Youtube.

What is the last date of enrollment for the Online MahaVastu Foundation Course?

Answer:  You can deposit your fees by Friday 3rd July 2020, till 5:00 pm (IST).

If I have missed a session, how will I cover up? Is it possible to get a recording of the same?

Answer: All the sessions will be revised by MahaVastu Certified Trainers in your local language before starting your practical session to ensure you don’t miss any course learnings. There is no provision for providing recordings as of now.

Money has been debited from my account but I have not received any kind of confirmation. How to resolve this error on the enrollment page?

Answer: Kindly email the screenshot of the error message on the enrollment page to [email protected]. Our technical team will resolve your query at the earliest. 

Kindly share your Name, City, State, Country, Mobile number and email address used while enrolling along with the screenshot of confirmation received from your bank to [email protected]. Accounts team will check your transaction, and you will be notified.

When registering for the course, my mobile number gets identified as “Duplicate Number” as I have already done a MahaVastu course before. How can I resolve this?

Answer: Don’t worry, kindly share the details at [email protected].  We will check and forward relevant details of the registered number.

I have wrongly entered my email ID and the course attended date. Will I have to register again?

Answer: Don’t worry, kindly share the correct details at [email protected]. We will correct the same and send you a confirmation.

“I Agree” button is disabled. How can I proceed?

Answer. Read all the Terms and Conditions till the end to enable the “I Agree” button.

I am not able to proceed to payment even after clicking the “I Agree” button.

Answer: Try once again and share the screen shot with [email protected]. Our technical team will get it resolved at the earliest.

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