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MahaVastu Courses

Watch and Listen: KB on Online Courses

MahaVastu founder Dr. Khushdeep Bansal (KB) gives insights on how to get the best learning experience through 4 weekends (Saturday & Sunday) online MahaVastu Courses while being at your own home … Watch and Listen

MahaVastu Foundation Course

Learn the MahaVastu methodology by evaluating and balancing your own home with MahaVastu techniques and remedies. With practice, you will be able to correct problematic Vastu Doshas at the homes of … Read More

Vedic Astrology Foundation Course

Learn Secrets of Vedic Astrology by interpreting your own Horoscope. Decode Cosmic Interlinks between Your Life Events and Planets in Zodiac Signs of Your Horoscope. Discover … Read More

Astro MahaVastu Remedies Course

Learn to manifest excellence in your achievements by calibrating the power of Vedic Astrology with effective MahaVastu Remedies. Discover the secret art of mapping Planetary strengths of a Horoscope on a home plan… Read More

MahaVastu Expert Course

Learn the secrets of mapping and harmonizing TriGuna of Prakriti (Sattva, Rajas, Tamas) in a building and its habitants to manifest an experience of growth in places of business. Master the professional practices of VastuShastra … Read More

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