Vedic Astrology Foundation Course

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Vedic Astrology
Foundation Course

Online Learning Course

Learn Secrets of Vedic Astrology by Reading your own Horoscope and select effective Astro-Remedies for Career, Money, Health and Relationship.

Date and Time:  To be Announced.

Date and Time:  Starting 10 June 2023

(4 Weekends, Sat-Sun), 5:00 – 8:00 PM (IST).

Fees (Non-Refundable):

New: ₹25,000/- (21,186.44 + 3,813.56 (GST))
: ₹12,500/- (10,593.22 + 1,906.78 (GST))

(Incl. 1 Year Online Access to Course Videos, Reference Reading Material and Assignments.)

Language: KB’s Online Course Videos are in Hindi. MahaVastu Certified Trainers support in Hindi and English..

Learn the MahaVastu methodology by evaluating and balancing your own home with MahaVastu Techniques and Remedies. With practice, you will be able to correct problematic Vastu Doshas at the homes of your friends to help them live with more happiness, health, growth and excellence.

Vedic astrology course

Practicing KB’s Technique, You will be able to:

Decode your Astro Sentences

From day one, start making and interpreting insightful Astro sentences with KB’s Keywords of Planets, Zodiac Signs and Boxes.

Relate your Horoscope

Do simple yet effective Astro-Remedies for Improved Relationships, Money and Health by relating your Horoscope with current challenges in life.

Interpret Life Events

Interpret Life Events and Key Experiences on your Life Timeline by relating them with your life facts in your own horoscope.

Choose your Career

Choose the right Career and Education branch for your growth and apply Astro-Remedies for excellence in your field.

Select Most Effective Astro-Remedies

Select Simple yet Most Effective Astro-Remedies for You (i.e. Gem Stones, Tattoos, Symbols, Fragrance, Ishta Devta (Guardian Angel), Affirmations, Mantra & Personal Accessories) for Self Empowerment.

+ You will learn:

  • How to read you own horoscope easily using KB’s Technique?
  • How to apply KB’s Technique for Peace, Success, to get Job opportunity and also identify Astro-Remedies for delay in marriage?
  • How to give quick Astro Tips for Money, Relationships and Health?
  • To select Success giving Vedic Astro-Remedies based upon your 9 Divine Treasures, Planetary Influences, Reality shaping Environments and Vedic Astro Symbols.
Course highlights


  • During the Online course, Intuitive Acharyas will be advising you Vedic Astro-Remedies for overcoming current life challenges and highlighting your excellence.
  • Acharya Trainers will help you relate and correct the effects of current influences on your life timeline.

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