MahaVastu Expert Course

Certified Course to start your Professional Practice

Date 15th Sep - 19th Oct

Offline: Week 1: 15th, 16th & 17th Sep’ 23

Online: 22 Sep – 15 Oct ’23 (Half Day on Weekends)
Offline: 17th, 18th & 19th Oct’23

Total Duration: 5 Weeks

Week 1: Offline 3 Days
Week 2, 3, 4: Online 4 Hours / Half Day Session
Week 5: Offline 3 Days

Batch: (First Come First Enrolled)

New Participants – 180
Repeaters – 60

Offline Venue: Offline Venue:

Eligibility & Fees (Non-Refundable)

(Fees includes Meals and Tea during offline Sessions, Professional MahaVastu Consultant Essential Kit, 1 Year Online Access to Course Videos, Reference Reading  Materials, and Assignments. NO STAY ARRANGEMENTS.)

Participant Type Eligibility Fees
AMRC+ME Combo (New) MFC (July 2020 Onwards) and
VAFC (Aug 2020 Onwards)
ME (New) AMRC (Sep 2020 Onwards) 85,000
Repeater ME and Acharya - ME (Dec 2020 Onwards)
- Acharya (Jan 2020 Onwards)
- FME (Dec 2021)

New: ₹ 1,65,000/- (139,830.51 + 25,169.49 (GST))

Net Payable: 1,39,984/-

139,830.51 – 21,200 (OMFC Fees discount) 

= 1,18,630.51 + 21,353.49 (GST) = 1,39,984/-


Repeaters:  55,000/- (46,610.17 + 8,389.83 (GST))

Net Payable: 55,000/-


  • MahaVastu Experts (from OME Dec 2020 only).
  • Acharyas (Jan 2020, Feb 2021 only).
  • Factory MahaVastu Experts (from FMC Nov 2021 only).

As a Certified Professional MahaVastu Expert, You will be able to

  1. Understand the complete Workflow of Professional Practice with Example case studies.
  2. Practice 12 type of Audits for finding Vastu Doshas and deciding effective Remedies
  3. Visit Sites for Practical Experience
    Sites will provided by MahaVastu Team to you for practice of Observing, Noting , Analysing and Finding Vastu Dosha related with client’s problems.
  4. Learn Secrets of getting Results
    Understand secrets of applying MahaVastu Remedies layer by layer in four major levels .
    Level 1: Building Balancing
    Level 2: PanchTattva Balancing
    Level 3: Astro MahaVastu Remedies & Interiors
    Level 4: Devta Energy Remedies

Upgrade Highlights

  • How to provide MahaVastu based concept for planing Design to be done by a qualified Architect?
  • Specifically designing Residence and Offices to ensure everlasting Growth of your client.

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Upgrade Highlights

  • In week 1 you will get Orientation on how to visit sites and analyse your observations for Audits.
  • Your Initiation into Vastu Shastra with traditional Vishwakarma Puja for your growth as A Professional.
  • You will do online submissions of your Site Visit Observations for getting insights from VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal during online sessions.
  • You will be receiving Formats to submit your Observations of Site Visits for Practical Learning and discussions.

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