MahaVastu Advanced Course

Course Includes

  • 25 Case Studies
  • 24 Download Resources
  • Access on Mobile and Laptop
  • Work on Your own Map
  • Live Training
  • Available in 10 Languages
  • Certification on Completion
  • Q & A Session with Mentors

Course Content

Day 1

North-East Clear your mind (NE) and Get Clarity

Day 2

Art of Balancing 5 Elements. Overcoming Depression and Overthinking

Day 3

The Power of 16 Directions in MahaVastu Methodology

Day 4

Evaluate Home Activities, Utilities & Decor Objects using MahaVastu Working Methodology

Day 5

Gain Know, how and Self Confidence for Leading a Successful Life

Day 6

MahaVastu for Relationships I

Day 7

MahaVastu for Relationships II

Day 8

16 MahaVastu Techniques

Day 9-10

MahaVastu Health Checkup

Day 11-13

MahaVastu for Money

Day 14

Conclusion: The Secret Code of MahaVastu

Knowledge Resources

Watch Course Videos

MahaVastu Advanced Course

45 Powers of Vastu Purush | Qualities of Extraordinary People | अपने भीतर के गुणों को पहचानें

Feb 17, 2018

MahaVastu Advanced Course

Decoding Vastu Purush Devtas In Temples। वास्तु पुरुष देवताओं को कैसे समझे? | Dr.Khushdeep Bansal

Jan 20, 2018

MahaVastu Advanced Course

How to live Purpose of life | How to live Painfree Life?। क्या है आपके जीवन का उद्देश्य? | Mahavastu

Jan 17, 2018

MahaVastu Advanced Course

Never do any Vastu Remedy on Brahmasthan। Dr. Khushdeep Bansal l ब्रह्मस्थान पर रेमेडी कभी न करें

Jan 31, 2018

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