MahaVastu Advice to Recover from Losses in Business

vastu for business

What is a Business Loss? What are the signs your business is in loss? A business loss occurs when a business incurs more expenses than its income generated during a year. The amount you spend more than your earnings in business operations is calculated as business loss. This loss is influenced by numerous factors including […]

वास्तुशास्त्र के अनुसार पूजा घर कहाँ होना चाहिए?

vastu for puja ghar

वैदिक परंपरा में पूजा करने के कई तरीके हैं,जिनको 16 श्रेणियों में विभाजित किया गया है शास्त्रों में कहा गया है कि देवता की प्रकृति विभिन्न शक्तियों का प्रतिनिधित्व करती है। इसलिए देवताओं का आशीर्वाद पाने के लिए एक आदर्श स्थान पर पूजा  से सही लाभ और मन की शांति प्राप्त करना अति आवश्यक है। […]

MahaVastu Advice to Release Blocked Payments

vastu for blocked payment

What is a Financial Block? What are the signs of a financial block? Blocked payments are the situations when an individual gives credit to customers or lends money to close relatives or friends, thinking that it will bring them good returns, but they end up not receiving or recovering the loaned amount. Here are some […]

Balance North East (NE) at home to achieve Motivation and Mental Clarity

North East Vastu

The North East (NE) Zone is the Zone of Mind and Clarity. In any built up space, NE is the MahaVastu Zone of meditation and wisdom. This zone helps the inhabitants develop foresight, intuition, inspiration, and vision. The energy of this zone works to remove all the blockages from the mind. It not only catalyzes […]

जानिए कौन से रंग हमें देते हैं ताकत, बुद्धि और सांत्वना

vastu for colour

रंगों की भूमिका हमारे जीवन में अहम है। ये रंगों का ही प्रभाव है जो हमें ताकतवर बनाकर हमें बौद्धिक चेतना से भर देता है और सांत्वना का बोध जगाता है। लेकिन ये सब चीज़ें अलग अलग रंगों से मिलती है। उदाहरण के लिए-हरा,नीला और नीले रंग का शेड लिए हरे रंग में मन को […]

MahaVastu Advice to Overcome Financial Instability in Business

vastu for financial growth

What is financial instability? What are the common signs of financial instability? Financial instability in business occurs when business costs and expenditure continue to rise and cannot be met with the incoming revenue into the business. It then becomes difficult to sustain the business in the long term as the business is unable to pay […]

MahaVastu Advice for Overcoming Possessiveness in a Relationship

Possessiveness in relationship

What is a possessive relationship? What are the signs of possessiveness in a relationship? A possessive relationship is one where one or both partners feel insecure in the relationship. They do not trust each other and worry that their partner will leave them. They often end up trying to control one another, and create feelings […]

MahaVastu Advice for Building a Healthy Relationship

Vastu For Healthy Relationship

What is a Healthy Relationship? A Healthy Relationship creates a secure space between partners and also ensures a sense of belonging between them. It involves honesty, trust and mutual respect. On the other hand, an Unhealthy Relationship may have some or all of these symptoms:. Common signs of an Unhealthy Relationship Some symptoms of a […]

MahaVastu Advice To Overcome Hardships in Marriage

Hardships in Marriage

What do we mean by the phrase “Hardships in Marriage”? When we talk about ‘hardships in marriage’, we refer to struggles that results in partners becoming distrustful of each other, persistent arguments or even cheating which may cause the partners to fall apart. Common symptoms of these Hardships in Marriage. It is essential for partners […]

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