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MahaVastu Advice Helps You Attract Money, Love Happiness, Growth, Peace And Gains. This Service Gives You The Opportunity To Engage with a Intutive Acharya and MahaVastu Expert For A Free Advice.

You can meet MahaVastu Advisor near you and get free advice in Yogdaan hours. You can also get paid professional advice in which an advisor audits your building by personally visiting and relating facing, activities, utilities and decors objects with horoscopes of your family. After a thorough working on maps and family horoscopes advisor gives you a report and advises effective MahaVastu remedies.

Who are the Advisors

Meet an Advisor Near you

Handpicked by Dr. Khushdeep Bansal, the advisors have gone through rigorous training and worked on several projects under his direct supervision. Only once Dr. Bansal is convinced about their abilities and conduct, he prepares them through further advanced level Gurukul trainings to become a solution provider and practice independently.

Find MahaVastu Certified MV Trainer in Your City

MV Trainers give 4 hours a week YogDaan (free advice & free Remedy Guidance) as their commitment of Karma YogDaan to MahaGurukul.

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